AnHui NASHAI Import And Export Company

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AnHui NASHAI Import And Export Company is established in May 7th 2019, and located in Hefei——the central City of Anhui Province.
We are specialized in manufacturing and producing brazing materials.

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          • AnHui NASHAI Import And Export Company
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          • Our main products include silver-based brazing filler metal, copper-based brazing filler metal, aluminum-based brazing filler metal and associated brazing flux, flux-cored welding wire etc. Our brazing flux products include: silver welding paste, silver welding powder, copper welding paste, copper welding powder, aluminum welding paste, aluminum welding powder, spot welding paste (water), etc. The available shape of brazing alloys are rod, ring, sheet, strip, wire etc.
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          • Room 3505 Building A3 Shangshang Times Square Lianhua West Road Shimen Road Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone Anhui Province
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          • 230301
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          • John Huang
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          • 0551-63545451
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